Edgetech Ventures

Public Listing and Investment Firm

Mergers and Acquisitions. A company can grow their business very rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. With the growth, the company can take many advantages with the economies of scale to be more cost effective and competitive. A public company is able to offer shares in the negotiation of a merger and acquisition as well as access more available funders. We can provide planning, due diligence, capital raise and services for the proper process of a merger and acquisition by a public company.

Reverse Mergers. A reverse merger is the simplest and quickest method inwhich a private company can become a publicly trading company. In a reverse merger, the public cmopany would acquire the private company through a share exchange or share issuance in a manner that the private company shareholders would own controlling interest in the public company when the transaction is complete.
Dynamic and Agile
While we are large enough to support the most demanding enterprises, we are also agile enough to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse client base.




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