Edgetech Ventures

Public Listing and Investment Firm

About Edgetech
At Edgetech, we understand what it takes for our clients to succeed. That is why, for almost a decade, our focus has been on delivering world-class services. Our dedication and commitment to investment banking and public listing services has captured the attention of world-class businesses, industry observers, and partners alike.
We invite you to explore the essence of Edgetech and gain insight into the unique qualities that set us apart from the competition.
Planning for the Future
Our goal at Edgetech is to work along side our clients as partners to aggressively build their company through strategic planning and lead ultimately to an exit on a senior public exchange with a sizable market capital.
The Team
The Company is led by an experienced management team of dynamic experienced individuals including Engineers, Directors, Brokers, and Finance Managers. Edgetech Ventures, Inc. fosters a team environment, not only with clients, but also with the personnel that make up the firm.
An Enterprise Partner You Can Trust.
It is our passion for delivering trusted and quality services that will capture your attention. It is this continued dedication to the quality of services that has allowed us to earn the highest level of trust and respect from our clients, partners and employees
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