Edgetech Ventures

Public Listing and Investment Firm

Edgetech Ventures, Inc., is an investment banking firm specializing in direct public listings and flexible financing structures. We are an experienced team offering professional results at reasonable rates.

Capital Financing
Edgetech can source a wide variety of funding to suite the company requirements.


Mergers & Acquisitions
Grow your business aggressively using a mergers and acquisition strategy. Edgetech works in all aspects of the detailed process to accomplish a smooth merger or acquisition of a business.

Edgetech offers the unique services of direct listings on to Nasdaq OTCBB exchange to give companies more potential funding opportunities.

Already publicly listed? If you are challenged by the day to day filing requirements? We can take these responsibilities at competitive rates.
The Essence of Edgetech
“Building a business takes more than just hard work and dedication…it also requires a strong approach to team building, the courage to make bold decisions, and a network of trusted partners to keep you focused. We understand your needs as a developing company and can be a crucial partner in the growth of your company.”

Sang-Ho Kim, President



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