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Ongoing Responsibilities for a Public Company

As a public company, the Company will have ongoing obligations to file reports with the SEC in order to provide the general public with current information about the Company. Some of the documents that the Company is required to file with the SEC are:

  • Quarterly reports on Form 10-Q;
  • Annual reports on Form 10-K;
  • Material Current Events on Form 8-K;
  • Beneficial Ownership Amounts on Forms 3, 4 and 5; and
  • Information Statements and Proxy Statements on Forms 14C and 14A, respectively.

These filings have deadlines that must be met or the company can be delisted from the exchange.

Outsource to Edgetech Ventures:

Our organized and experienced staff are able to meet the tight SEC filing deadlines effectively and yet provide these services at competitive rates.

Other Complex Filings:

Along with the standard ongoing filings, a public company will be faced with other complex filings that are required as the business grows. We can identify when these filings are required and have them prepared in an efficient manner.

The Quest for Quality
We at Edgetech continue to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to capturing and delivering quality in everything we do.




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